Some Thoughts on the Future of John Ross, Pamela and Dallas

So. Finally watched the new Dallas episode.

No. No. No. NO. I’m not into John Ross and Elena. Not again. Even if Elena is just using him. No. Just no. No baby daddy storylines.  No, I was just using him but now I’m in love with him stuff. That is John Ross and Pamela’s story anyway! 

Speaking of John Ross and Pamela. I’m fine with angst. I love couple angst. Sometimes you need it to grow a couple in any medium.  I’m not sure I like the kind of angst the writers of Dallas are putting John Ross and Pamela through. I guess this will make them stronger in the end. I love seeing Queen Pamela back in charge. John Ross is still damaged though. Any little thing sets him off and makes me stray. The sooner he realizes he is not JR the sooner he can get better. I always thought John Ross was more Sue Ellen than JR anyway. 

I’m just so uneasy about what is to come. I even more uneasy about the ratings. I wonder if the the show does better online or in delayed viewings. If it doesn’t get better it doesn’t look good for renewal.   

The show may drive me nuts but I love seeing it on TV. Fingers crossed they squeak by in the end. 

What do you all think?


DallasTNT - 3.10

Someone has to put that boy in his place when Uncle Bobby’s not around.


Josh & Julie

Instagram photos together[6/12]


I won’t give up on us || John Ross & Pamela 3x09 

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2.13 || 3.09



I Never had a problem with my OTP fighting ​​or going through a Bad Spot . Josh and Julie are great together on screen they have shown what John Ross and Pamela Rebecca can do. The chemistry they have together really get JRPR shining.  They are  truly the Best of the younger cast.

"come on, baby! wake up… please!"

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Pamross in Season 2